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Drawing balloons

15 Jan



Andressa Candido Schmitt
17 years old
Architecture student
Sinop- MT, Brazil

“I made this drawing in my course in the begging of the year. I’m sharing the balons’ drawing here because two years ago I posted a drawing here and in this drawing I told some things I liked to do and that made me happy, but I didn’t know how to draw well, now I’m here again to share more one thing that make me happy; Drawing! I love to draw, I love the colors and the feelings I have when I am drawing, so, that’s the why I am here again to show how I improved in this two years ago and how I am getting falling for this kind of art.”


Singin’ in the Mud

9 Jan

” ‘Singin’ in the Mud’ is the name of my drawing, but not because I like to do that. It’s because it puts together two of my passions: pigs & classic movies. I’ve loved pigs from an early age and I have a huge collection of them; [they are] what really makes me happy. I’m  also a huge fan of classic movies, and one that always makes me smile is ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ (well, Gene Kelly makes me smile in every movie!). So, when I saw a draw in a mug putting they together, I decided to do the same and ‘Singin’ in the Mud’ was created.”

Letícia Magalhães
18 years old
Writer & movie critic
Poços de Caldas, Brazil
About my drawing
What I was doing: When I drew it, I was in my room, [at my] desk, trying hard to be a good drawer (which I’m not).
Whom I was with: I was alone, but had to ask my mother for some help.

During a rainy day

20 Nov

Nathália Závoli
16 years old
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

About my drawing
“I’m sending a drawing that I made some time ago. I was lying in the hammock in my grandfather’s house, listening to rock music and trying to draw with a bic. It was a rainy day, but I was very happy, because when I’m drawing, I don’t feel like I can be sad―it’s one of the things that I most love! I really like your blog, so I decided to send you one of my experiences. Thanks for your time.”

To reading, music, friends, and strangers

14 Oct

“Ler, escrever, ouvir musica, Internet, desenhar, ter amigos, me comunicar, e muitas outras cois as…
To read,to write, listen to music, Internet, to draw, have friends, talk to strange people, and many other things…”

Rafael M. Milhomens
14 years old

About my drawing

Where I was: I was in my bedroom.
What I was doing: I was listening to music, talking to my friends, on my bed.

Traveling with friends

7 Oct

“Traveling with my friends really makes me happy! I love to see new places with them.”

Paola Lessa
22 years old
journalist and ballet dancer
Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, Brazil

I was alone in my bedroom, listening to music while making my drawing.

My old-fashioned sun

5 Oct

Lenira Vicari
55 years old
astrologer and tarot card reader by definition, manager by choice
Campo Grande, Brazil

I made this drawing on my PC in my house on Sampa and I was alone.

Jiu-jitsu with my friends

4 Oct

“I love to train in jiu-jítsu with my friends!
Training really makes me happy!”

Marta Ássimos
29 years old
administrative assistant
Itaboraí, Brazil.

About my drawing
What I was doing: I was listening to music.
Where I was: I was in my room.
Whom I was with: I was alone.