Drawing balloons

15 Jan



Andressa Candido Schmitt
17 years old
Architecture student
Sinop- MT, Brazil

“I made this drawing in my course in the begging of the year. I’m sharing the balons’ drawing here because two years ago I posted a drawing here and in this drawing I told some things I liked to do and that made me happy, but I didn’t know how to draw well, now I’m here again to share more one thing that make me happy; Drawing! I love to draw, I love the colors and the feelings I have when I am drawing, so, that’s the why I am here again to show how I improved in this two years ago and how I am getting falling for this kind of art.”

Graphic design and architecture

15 Jan

Alvin Oei Instagram - Typography - What is Art

“I believe that even though they are different disciplines, Graphic Design and Architecture aim to achieve the same thing. Beyond just creating “buildings” both use space and form to create composition, but in the end…everything is art. This piece is one in a million answers to the question being posed.”

Alvin Oei Photo

Alvin Oei
28 years old

What I do: I have been lead designer (hospitality projects and graphic design) at Randall Baylon Architects, Inc. in Los Angeles, CA for the last 6 years. Recently, I just quit to attend Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA as a full time student of Environmental Design to work towards becoming a Disney Imagineer.

Where I am from: I reside in Upland, CA. Born in LA

What I was doing when making this drawing: I was thinking of ways to mesh illustration, typography, and architecture. I started a rough outline of this on the train but finished it when I got home and well into work the next morning.

Whom I was with: Besides the people on the train, I was mostly by myself when making this.

Lost in the Maze

11 Mar
Lost in the Maze

Lost in the Maze

Mina Boromand and Chris Bird
London, UK

“It was inspired by the music of David Bowie and is called ‘Lost in the Maze.'”

Listening to Music

11 Mar
Listening to music

Listening to music

Jessica Cardenas
22 years old
executive assistant
General Trias, Cavite, Philippines

About my drawing
What I was doing: Maaga akong dumating sa aming opisina ngayong araw. (I arrived an hour early for work)
Whom I was with: Habang mag-isa, naisipan kong magdrawing muna. (While alone, I drew something)
So now I’m sharing you my favorite foreign singers who truly make me happy.

This is Jessica’s third sketch! View previous ones here.

TEDxNewHaven Talks Now Online

3 Mar

My talks from TEDxNewHaven last year are up online. A big thank you again to Sunnie and Mario and the rest of their team!

TEDxNewHaven, April 2012, The Art and Science of Happiness

1. Start a Hugging Revolution

2. The Sky as a Canvas for Creativity

3. The Memory of Smell

4. Happiness and the Senses

Blog posts about the production process
* Sense kit production process here
* My thoughts on the event here


25 Feb
Sepideh by Chris Bird

Sepideh by Chris Bird

Chris Bird
London, England

It was drawn while listening to music.
It’s called “Sepideh” which is the name of the singer I was listening to while drawing.

A Parrot

24 Jan

Doso Piplo


Doso Piplo
13 years old
New Zealand

What I was doing: Just painting
Where I was: In my room in my house

Wolf and Butterfly

9 Jan

This week, a letter came, with these drawings! (Half of them came with the words “Wolf and Butterfly.”) Hurray!





36 years old
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
I do most of the drawing at home.

Draw-a-thon at the Children’s Museum in Manila

9 Dec

Last December 1st, I held my first draw-a-thon. (You know what a marathon is, right? It’s just like that, except that you’re drawing.) It was at the Museo Pambata (Children’s Museum) of Manila, Philippines, for their Children’s Advocacy Program. I brought in DrawHappy as well as my other drawing project, Rorsketch (a visual perception project where you draw your interpretations of clouds). After showing them some current sketches and making them warm up their hands, we got to drawing.

Kids, I have to say, are not only talented and completely open to new experiences, but also insatiable when it comes to pouring their imaginations on paper. The terror of a blank canvas doesn’t apply much. Here are some of the sketches:

Head on to this post for how they did on the clouds.

Here are some photos of the event:

Then we had chocolate ice cream, fudgee bars, and grape juice. Oh, to be eight years old again!

Thanks so much, Museo Pambata, for hosting, and to the awesome kids for all these drawings!

If you would like to hold a draw-a-thon in your school or organization, please email drawhappyproject[at]gmail[dot]com.

A soldier’s bluebird

23 Nov

“Not much to do out here, collect nature magazines and try to sketch pictures of animals that catch my eye.”

Jesse W

About my drawing
What I was doing: Sitting at a small COP in Afghanistan
Where I was: Barracks
Whom I was with: Never alone out here.