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Sketches from Sagar

13 Jun


“I don’t care about the world and what people say as long as you make me feel that ‘You are my world, not They…'”

Life is Short

“They say it takes a minute to find a special person, an hour to appreciate them, a day to love them. But then an entire life to forget them…”

Oak Tree

“Focus on what you will give, not just what you will get…”

About my drawings

What I was doing: Studying
Where I was: At my home
Alone or with company: Alone

Sagar Shah
21 years old
B.E Mechanical Engineer
Vadodara, Gujarat, India


Dragon, Bones, and random thoughts

29 May

“I had just finished reading the comic Bones by Jeff Smith. It made me so happy that I wanted to do a picture on the friendship between the red dragon and Fone Bone.”

Where I was: In my hostel (you can rarely be alone!)

“I wanted to draw me as I was in a thinking mood. Thinking about random things makes me happy.”

Where I was: In the bus, traveling, with a lot of people around

Jyothi Mohan
28 years old
research scholar
native of Malappuram, Kerala
living in Bangalore,Karanataka, India

God and sketching

26 Jan

“Sketching is one of the beautiful talent given by God and I am very thankful to the Almighty that he gave me this amazing talent. God is my biggest strength for everything including art.”

Rahul Jain
26 years old
post graduated MBA looking for job
Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

About my drawing
What I was doing: studying
Where I was: at my home or could be in a library.
Alone or with company: alone

Turning boredom into happiness

22 May

Somdutt Sarkar
25 years old
designer, teaching kids, currently working on a textile research project

When making this drawing
What I was doing: “It was a very boring presentation where the sales manager was giving a very boring client projection presentation. I somehow put my boredom on paper (my sketchbook which I always carry with me, with crayons which were to be used for brainstorming). Didn’t have the courage to show such a scary sketch to her!”
Where I was: “At work, in my last office on my desk, otherwise I come back home and do it inside my room, while listening to music. It helps me unwind the day’s stress.”
Alone or with someone: “Generally alone, I also sketch a lot in crowded places like airports, markets etc.”

A peacock

18 May

Sayanee Halder
23 years old
graphic designer
Born in Kolkata, grew up in Delhi, Bangalore, Ludhiana, Ahmedabad, currently stays in Mumbai, India

When making my drawing
What I was doing: So am sitting in a meeting and suddenly realized my mom wanted a motive from me which she could embroider on a wrap she was making for me (don’t you love moms for that!). Not that am a animal lover but something about the peacock always fascinates me 🙂
Where I was: In a meeting with my boss *cheeky*
Alone / with company: Faint noises of my boss arguing with a vendor in the distance, a snoozing projector which was flickering on and off, heaps of paper samples and an open Pantone book