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How to Draw a Dog

8 May

Brent Harpur
43 years old
cartoonist & art teacher  
Melbourne, Australia (but originally from Wellington, New Zealand)

About my drawing
What I was doing: I was teaching a young boy how to draw a dog
Where I was: We were sitting drawing at an outdoor festival.
Whom I was with: with company

My boys

28 Jul

Laura Hughes

21 years old + 6
Graphic design, blogging and other geeky stuff
Brisbane, Australia

About my drawing

What I was doing:
When I drew this, I was trying to remember where I put my charcoal pencils, as I recently moved house and now nothing is where it should be. Although my drawing might have been neater if I’d actually found the pencils before I started drawing, instead of using huge, clumsy chunks of chalk, I like it just the way it is. Life is a great adventure when things don’t go to plan – which is pretty much always!

Where I was:
I drew this in my little home “studio”, a work in progress. I’m collecting awesome stuff to put in it, little by little, so one day it will be just completely awesome.

Whom I was with:
I would be alone, if it weren’t for the two best puppy dogs in the world, who love to sit by my desk and wait for treats while I draw .

Either / or

28 Mar

“Singing makes me happy, horses / horse riding, sunshine / good weather, family, friends, good food, traveling / learning about different cultures.”

24 years old
finance student
born in Germany, living in Australia

A Borgi

2 Feb

“What do you get when you cross a Corgi with a Border Collie? A Borgi.”

Justine Austen
38 years old
contemporary jeweler
Melbourne, Australia

Orange is the new black

28 Jan

Andy Weatherill
38 years old
book designer, published writer, artist and student
Melbourne, Australia

The people in my life

23 Jan

“What makes me happy? The people in my life.”

27 years old

The Internet

18 Jan

“The Internet.”

Samuel Cooney
25 years old
Melbourne, Australia