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Lost in the Maze

11 Mar
Lost in the Maze

Lost in the Maze

Mina Boromand and Chris Bird
London, UK

“It was inspired by the music of David Bowie and is called ‘Lost in the Maze.'”



25 Feb
Sepideh by Chris Bird

Sepideh by Chris Bird

Chris Bird
London, England

It was drawn while listening to music.
It’s called “Sepideh” which is the name of the singer I was listening to while drawing.

My girlfriend

25 Jan

“This drawing was made when my girlfriend was away to stay at her friend’s place for the weekend. I was alone and thought about her and drew this as she makes me happy.”

Rhyn Williams
24 years old
Tudweiliog, Bangor, UK

About my drawing
What I was doing: Listening to classical music
Where I was: kitchen
Whom I was with: alone

Sunshine, shopping, sea, etc.

11 Aug

Cathy Styles
a young 46
currently unemployed, previously director of a biotech company
Munich, Germany (previously Dahab, Egypt; Newbury, UK; London UK; then Cape Town, South Africa where I was born)

About my drawing
What I was doing: I was supposed to be online job hunting, but got horribly distracted by the Brain Pickings post on Facebook.
Where I was: at my home desk
Whom I was with: alone with my cat Miro

Play fighting, planning, cocktails, Katy and more

19 Jul

27 years old
Oxford, England

About my drawing
I was sat on my bed at home alone and just doodling while watching The Cat Returns for the second time in two days because it’s just so lovely to watch.

Woo the kitty

17 Jul

Miss Voja Lambert
30 years old
Web developer
York, United Kingdom

About my drawing
What was I doing: Listening to the rain outside and looking at pictures of Woo (kitty)
Where was I: Sitting at my cluttered desk in my caravan
Who was I with: With Woo (kitty) snuggled up in my poncho

The climb

15 Jul

Katherine Smith
21 years old
graphic design student
Manchester, England

About my drawing
What I was doing: Thinking about exactly what it was that made me happy, with my sketchbook in front of me.
Where I was: In bed watching TV.
Who I was with: My boyfriend, but he was busy playing games on his laptop.