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29 Dec

“Beautiful dreams…beautiful books…beautiful music…ducks…nutella…beautiful men…beautiful beaches…beautiful mermaids…make me HAPPY!”

Tom Ribitzky
26 years old
grad student
I was born in Tel-Aviv (Israel), then I moved to Newton, MA, then to Atlanta, GA, then Athens, GA, then back to Newton, MA, and now I’ve fallen in love with my new home in New York City.


About my drawing
What I was doing: I was procrastinating at 3 am.
Where I was:  I was in my apartment eating spoonfuls of Nutella and listening to music [here’s the playlist: 1) Take Me Into Your Skin- Trentemoller; 2) Identity – Austra; 3) Spellwork – Austra; 4) Without You Near – Markus Schulz; 5) Silent Waves – Jonas Steuer; 6) Nothing Else Matters (Aly & Fila Remix) – Max Graham feat. Ana Criado; 7) Hold You – ATB; 8) Twisted Love (Distant Earth Vocal Version) – ATB; 9) Little Cup – Mirah and Thao; 10) Falling Back (Album Mix) – Josh Gabriel & Winter Kills]
Whom I was with: I was alone.

Bike girl

28 May

Martina Skender
28 years old
graphic designer / illustrator
Sisak, Croatia but currently living in Tel Aviv, Israel

About my drawing
Where I was and what I was doing: “Daydreaming while riding in a train. Alone.”