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Happy world

20 Jul

Laurent Blondeau
45 years old
sales and development
near Paris, France

About my drawing
My children used to draw when they have time and inspiration. I always find it interesting, because it develops their imagination and teaches them to be happy. And their drawings seems to “feel” the sense and attention.

I use to feel confident with children as their innocence always shakes me up!

And when I realized how children in fact start (in general) to live in a happy environment, I can’t understand how modern life transforms them and corrupts this innocence later…I guess you all know what I’m talking about…adults are very responsible for losing this innocence and good sense of happiness that might guide them through all life.

So please, find all your old drawings, check them and remember when you were so innocent…why not practice, train yourself again and learn others to reborn?

A tale of fine thick-slicing of happiness…


All things Paris

15 May

Mégane Berthoux
student at École du Louvre
Paris, France

I drew this when I was alone, at my desk, in the morning.