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In color

23 May

Monica-Elisabeta Lacatusu
21 years old
student in physics, volunteer
Iasi/Galati, Romania
“I was with  5 other people that were doing the same thing at an workshop.”

I am happy when…

23 May

“I am happy when I draw a tree, I look at the stars with a friend-bat in the park near my house. I am happy when I exchange great ideas with others, such as my friends in LEAP, and when I’m in love. I feel happy whenever I teach and whenever I eat cake. I love writing poems and I really really like my cat and Raj.”

23 years old
student/ researcher/ volunteer/
Bucharest, Romania

About my drawing
What I was doing: visiting a friend NGO, participating at a ”Volunteering & Happiness” training
Whom I was with: with friends and fellow volunteers

The Idea Tree

21 May

“I did my drawing at a workshop on the topic of positive psychology, volunteering and happiness (with company).”

Sabina Nicoleta Furtuna
26 years old
daytime dreamer
Iași, Romania

Butterflies Inside

24 Feb

“So here is my drawing, I made it at my desk at work, after having told half the floor about your project. It is the third try, I first tried to draw my dog, then filled a whole page with drawings of all the things that make me happy, but then came a song that gave me instant butterflies. I must be in love. So there.”

Netti Vana
30 years old
Cluj Napoca, Romania
car fleet administrator

Teto, the Smile Generator

24 Feb

“One of the things that make me happy and I can really put together in a drawing, is my very cute, obese guinea pig, Teto. His huge pink ears and the noise he does each time I enter the room are priceless and always make me smile. My pets are generally ‘smile generators’ and make my day!”

Age: 25…I think…
Logistics Analyst and Professional Dreamer
Cluj Napoca and Oradea,Romania

About my drawing
What I was doing: Reading my emails at work
Where I was: My desk at work
Alone or with company: I’m with my good friend, Netti, who reminds me each day to stay happy and do something childish.