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Sunset in the mountains

10 Sep

Victor Andrade
17 years old
I live in the mountains in a village called Caçarilhe in northern Portugal.

About my drawing
When I was doing my drawing I was at home listening to music on my computer and alone.
My drawing shows the sunset in the mountains

Being near the ocean

30 Jun

“I feel happy just by being near the ocean, and even more if I have the time to relax and simply enjoy life. This was on of those moments, and the person portrayed in the drawing, was “doing” the exact same thing.”

Rita Antunes
38 years old
graphic designer and illustrator
Lisbon, Portugal

About my drawing
What I was doing: Contemplating the horizon and doing nothing at all
Where I was: Sitting down on the sand
Whom I was with: With friends

Soul of a friend

30 May

Marília Cordeiro
25 years old
Portugal, currently living in Chicago doing her PhD research
molecular biologist

About my drawing
“This color pencil drawing is a birthday gift for my lovely friend Toàn. I made it in my quiet home leaving my hand [to] draw his colorful and peaceful soul.”