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Everything ever

4 Jan

Tina Ye
25 years old
interaction designer in training
US (but I was born in China)

About my drawing
What I was doing: Before I made the drawing, I was handlettering some greeting cards
Where I was: At my desk at home before going to sleep
Whom I was with: I was with Yang, the person who makes me happy.



22 Dec

“Always doing cooking for relax nowadays, and I drawing it for fun.”
interaction design student
born and grew up in Luoyang, China;  studied in Xi’an, Zhejiang ,China
About my drawing
Where I was:  At my New Jersey home
Whom I was with: Alone


23 Jun

“Family & friends! Happyness! Love! Family!”

8 years old
China and USA

Who you feel

11 May

Susu Fiedler
30 years old
Profession: “profession of being”
City/Country: Ravensburg/Munich/Hong Kong/Windhoek/Germany/China/Namibia

“Positive various imagination of all the possibilities in life out there for being happy.”

“I was actually listening to some nice soul music when I drew this pic and thought about everything makin’ me feeling ‘happy’ …
I drew this on my dinner-table.
I was all by myself.”

Happiness symbol

13 Apr

Qing Qing
25 years old
Tianjin, China
assistant to the chair, School of Visual Arts, NYC