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Fruit, feathers, feeding hummingbirds, etc.

13 Aug

“Apples, coconuts, holding hands, sleeping, writing, monkey bars, coffee with you, feathers, feeding hummingbirds, yoga, walking around the lake until we get so tired, roadtrips, alphabets, cactus.”

Galya Denzel

31 years old
personal trainer, nutrition counselor, recipe writer
Bulgaria, living in Southern California

About my drawing
What I was doing: sitting at the dinner table
Where I was: at home
Whom I was with: taking a break from writing, all by myself


My beloved, etc.

25 May

“What makes me happy: my beloved one, beautiful weather, good food, wine, literature, chocolate, home and a lot of music in between.”

Mariya Dimitrova.
24 years old
Pernik, Bulgaria
“When it comes to profession, I am still in search of it.”

About my drawing
“I drew this picture while at work, alone at my desk. And every single item I drew made smile.”

“I would like to thank you for this project. It gives people the chance to stop and really consider what ‘happy’ means to them.”