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Living in Toronto

21 Feb

“Living in Toronto makes me happy.”

Rachel Jade Kuzmich
25, almost 26 years old
airline work
born in Welland, ON, lived in Toronto, ON, then in Montreal, QC, now back in Toronto, on (all cities in canada)

About my drawing
What I was doing: thinking of things that make Toronto Toronto
Where I was: at home, at work, in transit, outside
Whom I was with: alone


Art makes me happy!

4 Jun

“Looking at art, making art, studying art makes me happy!”

JR Salter
35 years old
originally from the USA, now living in rural Alberta, Canada
town cafe manager, cook, baker, pie maker, Beiseker towing dispatcher

About my drawing
“Made this drawing while listening to music in front of the computer and finished while sitting in the towtruck. Sometimes my friends were there, sometimes alone, always happy while doing art!”


9 Mar

“If you’re ever visiting Eastern Canada, stop by in Blanc-Sablon, Quebec: a lot of puffins!”

Christelle Fortin-Vaillancourt
28 years old
community organizer,
Quebec, Canada

Simple things

27 Feb

“What makes me happy? Simple things in life, a smile, having a great conversation with a stranger, reading a good book, spending time with people I love, and making people I love happy!”

Christine Côté
22 years old
medical student
Quebec City, Canada


21 Feb

Christelle Fortin-Vaillancourt
28 years old
community organizer
Quebec, Canada

Friends, food, family, sharing, music

30 Jan


“Being with friends, food, and family. Sharing and music make me happy!”

Daniel Ari
English teacher
Canadian / Icelandic, lives in Spain

When I belong

17 Jan

“I’m happy when I feel like I fit in, like I belong.”

Vincent Giguere
23 years old
Quebec City, Canada