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Don’t you just love the unfolding of a letter?

21 Jul

Yesterday at the studio, I was pleasantly surprised to find this envelope on my desk:

It contained the first DrawHappy sketch from Lebanon:

And a piece of paper that said:

“Don’t you just love the unfolding of a letter?”

(The answer: YES, I DO!)

It had the identity of the artist as well as details about the sketch written quite poetically:

“I’m Samah El Hakim, 27 years old.
A graphic designer / teacher I am and from Mazraat Yachouh, Lebanon I come.
I was taking a break from work when I did my drawing.
I was at my desk inside my studio with the sea to my right and the mountains to my left.
My partners at work were in the same room as me and in the other room, I also think there were kids playing outside.”