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Coffee happiness

7 May

Anton Not
35 years old
reader, teacher
Lleida, Catalonia, Spain

About my drawing

What I was doing: Waiting for coffee to be ready
Where I was: At the kitchen table
Whom I was with: All alone fighting the coffee monster (uuuh!) but there’s plenty of laughter and happiness coming from the other room, I’m on my way!
Nice day, nice lunch, nice friends, a bit of coffee to make it even better. After-dinner conversation may turn into siesta


23 Sep

“Clouds make me happy!”

Catherine Young
28 years old
writer, artist, interaction designer, grad student
Manila / New York / Barcelona

About my drawing
What I was doing: Drawing other things
Where I was: In my apartment
Whom I was with: Alone

Drawing happy at the New York Poetry Festival

3 Aug

This past weekend, I was at the first annual New York Poetry Festival in Governors Island, which showcased the different formats, aesthetics, and personalities of New York City’s reading series and collectives. As a volunteer, I helped paint acrylic ravens on parasols designed by Kate Russell.

During slow sales, I asked some people to draw what makes them happy. The first one, Ned, called me out and asked why I haven’t drawn my own happiness when I’ve asked so many others. Ha. Good point. I said I’ll draw my happiness if he would draw his. And so, on the spot, this is what I drew:

Happiness according to me
“Being in airy high places, love and being loved back, friends, being lost in a good book, letters, parasols, coffee, clouds and more clouds, kickpads, breaking boards with my feet, tomatoes, making things with clay, sailboats, genuinely nice people, nice hats, mermaids, unicorns, dinosaurs, cake, fresh flowers, butterflies.”

Catherine Young

28 years old
writer, visual artist, interaction designer
SVA grad student
Manila, Philippines
New York, NY, USA
Barcelona, Spain

About my drawing
I was painting parasols and helping to sell T-shirts at a poetry festival. I was with the rest of the merchandising team and volunteers. And man, was it hot.

And here’s Ned with a big satisfied smile, holding up my drawing:

You’ll see his drawing next.

Other people were also nice enough to draw. Here’s my friend Kate:

That was a fun weekend; I asked people to write poetry on origami cranes, too.

Thanks to Isaiah, who wrote this incredible poem:

The wild birds
Brighten the
setting sky,
Their wings
eat the
shadowed wind
and soar
to the
next sun.

More posts to come! And for New Yorkers who missed the festival, make sure to check it out next year. It’s such a wonderful thing to happen for the New York poetry scene. Visit the website of the New York Poetry Society. The New York Poetry Festival was co-founded by the indefatigable Stephanie Berger and Nicholas Adamski.

Swallows (Golondrinas)

5 Jun

“I feel very good when I hear or I see the swallows that live around my building. I often look out my balcony and I spend a long time watching how close they fly. Many times I try to imagine the lines drawn as they fly … that makes me feel happy.”

“Me siento muy bien cuando oigo o veo las golondrinas que viven cerca de mi edificio. A menudo salgo a mi balcón y paso un buen rato viendo lo cerca que vuelan. Muchas veces trato de imaginar las líneas dibujan mientras vuelan … eso me hace sentir feliz”.

Jesús Taguas
29 years old
teacher / graphic designer
Córdoba, Spain

About my drawing
What I was doing: “Watching TV and looking at the swallows flying out the window.”
Where I was: “In the living room.”
Company: “Alone, with the TV.”

Building things and playing with friends

2 Jun

“What makes me happy? Building things & playing with friends.”

Santos Miguel
31 years old
Barcelona, Spain

About my drawing
What I was doing: working
Where I was: my desk at home at Gracia
Company: with my toys

Happy Lou

29 May

Lourdes Benitez

35 years old
media artist
Montevideo, Uruguay; Barcelona, Spain; London, United Kingdom

About my drawing
What I was doing: “Designing my new web page.”
Where I was: “At home at my desk.”
Alone or with company: “Alone.”

Discover, create, grow, turn, change

16 Apr

Alena Widows
teach, write, invent, create
New Jersey but living in Barcelona
It makes me happy to discover, create and to watch things grow and turn and change