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Listening to Music

11 Mar
Listening to music

Listening to music

Jessica Cardenas
22 years old
executive assistant
General Trias, Cavite, Philippines

About my drawing
What I was doing: Maaga akong dumating sa aming opisina ngayong araw. (I arrived an hour early for work)
Whom I was with: Habang mag-isa, naisipan kong magdrawing muna. (While alone, I drew something)
So now I’m sharing you my favorite foreign singers who truly make me happy.

This is Jessica’s third sketch! View previous ones here.


Draw-a-thon at the Children’s Museum in Manila

9 Dec

Last December 1st, I held my first draw-a-thon. (You know what a marathon is, right? It’s just like that, except that you’re drawing.) It was at the Museo Pambata (Children’s Museum) of Manila, Philippines, for their Children’s Advocacy Program. I brought in DrawHappy as well as my other drawing project, Rorsketch (a visual perception project where you draw your interpretations of clouds). After showing them some current sketches and making them warm up their hands, we got to drawing.

Kids, I have to say, are not only talented and completely open to new experiences, but also insatiable when it comes to pouring their imaginations on paper. The terror of a blank canvas doesn’t apply much. Here are some of the sketches:

Head on to this post for how they did on the clouds.

Here are some photos of the event:

Then we had chocolate ice cream, fudgee bars, and grape juice. Oh, to be eight years old again!

Thanks so much, Museo Pambata, for hosting, and to the awesome kids for all these drawings!

If you would like to hold a draw-a-thon in your school or organization, please email drawhappyproject[at]gmail[dot]com.

Remembering my daughter

3 Sep

Kristina L. Araño
28 years old
Human Resource / Recruitment Specialist in an Engineering firm
Laguna, Philippines

About my drawing

What I was doing: I just finished doing interviews and was screening resumes when I remembered how cute my 6-year-old daughter was, when I saw her last night happily reviewing her lessons.
Where I was: I’m sitting on my cubicle at Human Resource Department a few minutes before coffee time
Alone or with company: I am just alone in my area, while most of my officemates attend to their business meetings / work activities



This drawing first appeared on page G4 of the Learning section of the  Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Ice Cream

4 Aug

Jessica L. Cardenas
21 years old
executive assistant
General Trias, Cavite, Philippines

About my drawing
What I was doing: Just had a meeting. Had a minor boo-boo at work just now
Where I was: My desk at our office
Whom I was with: I’m alone in my thoughts but technically my office mates are  at their respective areas

First published in The Philippine Daily Inquirer Learning Section, page H4, 30 July 2012. 
Addendum! Happy birthday, Jessica, who turns 22 today (August 27th)! She sent us another sketch:

Happy Birthday, Jessica!

Wandering, watching, and window shopping

22 Jul

“I am happy when I…. (1) See new places, experience new cultures (2) Stay connected with family and friends (3) Window shop and shop during sale season (4) Watch(or cry because of) my favorite teleserye (5) Am anywhere there’s sun and sea (6) Make people well or feel protected when they are sick.”

Beverly Lorraine C. Ho
27 years old
physician / health systems student
Manila, Philippines

About my drawing
What I was doing: Finishing the guidelines for an upcoming program for hospitals in the country
Where I was: Beside my reliable laptop, at home
Whom I was with: Alone


Gratitude and drawing

14 Jun

They say being consciously grateful makes you happier.

Finishing graduate school and (temporarily) away from New York City, I’ve been unconsciously giving drawings of people as farewell and thank-you gifts. I thought it would make them happy, but on my end, drawing embeds them further into my memory.

Here’s one of my taekwondo class:

Another of two lovely guests at my birthday party:

And one I’ve never met, but who has supported some of my projects:

Thanks, all!


Swimming, Summer, Starfish

16 Mar

“Swimming makes me happy.”

Anton Papa
5 ½ years old
Senior Kindergarten
Antipolo City, Philippines

From Anton’s mom

Anton’s favorite question to ask of people: “Are you happy?”

I learned of your project from Brainpickings and thought that it would be interesting to ask my son (who loves to draw) what makes him happy.
He said, “Swimming makes me happy.”
And he drew himself on our vacation last summer, floating on the water with the fish and starfish we found incredibly so near the beach.