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Ice Cream

4 Aug

Jessica L. Cardenas
21 years old
executive assistant
General Trias, Cavite, Philippines

About my drawing
What I was doing: Just had a meeting. Had a minor boo-boo at work just now
Where I was: My desk at our office
Whom I was with: I’m alone in my thoughts but technically my office mates are  at their respective areas

First published in The Philippine Daily Inquirer Learning Section, page H4, 30 July 2012. 
Addendum! Happy birthday, Jessica, who turns 22 today (August 27th)! She sent us another sketch:

Happy Birthday, Jessica!


Belief, the earth, and ice cream

3 Feb

Sarah Barakah

13 years old
New York City

My horse, etc.

22 Feb

26 years old
gait at a horse farm, manager at a restaurant
Poland and Iceland

Ska, sun, sports, travel, ice cream, family, friends

21 Jan

25 years old
primary school teacher
Bremen, Germany