My boys

28 Jul

Laura Hughes

21 years old + 6
Graphic design, blogging and other geeky stuff
Brisbane, Australia

About my drawing

What I was doing:
When I drew this, I was trying to remember where I put my charcoal pencils, as I recently moved house and now nothing is where it should be. Although my drawing might have been neater if I’d actually found the pencils before I started drawing, instead of using huge, clumsy chunks of chalk, I like it just the way it is. Life is a great adventure when things don’t go to plan – which is pretty much always!

Where I was:
I drew this in my little home “studio”, a work in progress. I’m collecting awesome stuff to put in it, little by little, so one day it will be just completely awesome.

Whom I was with:
I would be alone, if it weren’t for the two best puppy dogs in the world, who love to sit by my desk and wait for treats while I draw .


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