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A soldier’s bluebird

23 Nov

“Not much to do out here, collect nature magazines and try to sketch pictures of animals that catch my eye.”

Jesse W

About my drawing
What I was doing: Sitting at a small COP in Afghanistan
Where I was: Barracks
Whom I was with: Never alone out here.


A yak sniffing a flower

21 Apr

“A big yak sniffing a little flower.”

Denise Helena Cora
55 years old
public worker
S.Vicente, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Grandson, goodness and God’s creations

15 Apr

“Being with my grandson and other loved ones including my fur babies. Feeling good and enjoying God’s creations.Being thankful to the lord for all his blessings, relaxing in my recliner and having a snack, traveling to Disney World.”

Lois Curcio
64 years old
a grandmother (nana), wife, mother, and volunteer for people in need of someone with heart
from Pennsylvania, now living in North Carolina, USA

Friends, food, music, family, love, nature

29 Mar

“Friends, food, music, family, love, nature make me happy.”

Snofridur Sol Snorradottir
21 years old
Reykjavik, Iceland

A math equation for happiness

26 Mar

“My beautiful kids + music + good plate of pasta + nature + Belgian chocolate + Dutch cheese +fine wine + all my friends = makes me happy.”

37 years old
travel agent
Reykjavik, Iceland

Smiling, balance, nature

24 Mar

“By smiling through whatever happens to you, you will always get a better result!
Balance is necessary to get along with others and to be able to get through.
If you are ever in doubt or merely feeling down… nature will show you that life is worth it… with its good and bad parts.”

Tinna Berg
24 years old
works in a grocery store
Greenland, now Iceland

Mountains, music and my sofa

23 Mar

web manager
Reykjavik, Iceland