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Sitting in a thermal bath

25 Mar

“Sitting in a thermal bath, snuggling up with a dog … or a baby … or someone I love, flying away… and coming home again, laughter.”

37 years old
flight attendant


Home and the best parts of it

16 Mar

“Being home with my family makes me truly happy. I go to school 8 hours away. I don’t go home often, and now I’m on the 2nd day of 4 months traveling [in] Europe. I already miss them immensely and can’t wait to go home again.”

19 years old

From food to late nights

10 Mar

“Making beautiful food makes me happy.
A good cup of coffee makes me happy.
My sister’s daughter, Hildur Lena, 2 years old.
The thought of having my own beautiful home in the future.
Knowing I’ve met my future wife.
Doing things perfectly makes me feel good.
Staying up late and last but not least my friends and family.”

Elin Theodora Alfredsdottir
25 years old
multi taskter
Reykjavik, Iceland


9 Mar

“If you’re ever visiting Eastern Canada, stop by in Blanc-Sablon, Quebec: a lot of puffins!”

Christelle Fortin-Vaillancourt
28 years old
community organizer,
Quebec, Canada


21 Feb

Christelle Fortin-Vaillancourt
28 years old
community organizer
Quebec, Canada

Inexpressible and unlabeled

18 Feb

26 years old
filmmaker and conceptual artist
Kenya and Iceland

Sun, beach, Greece

17 Jan

“A happy day is for me, enjoying the sun, on the beach, back to my home island, in Greece!”

Thomas Banakas
hostel receptionist