The Arabic ‘A’ and a Walk through New Orleans

11 Mar

four years old
New Orleans, Louisiana

This sketch has a lovely story and it took place in New Orleans.

While walking along Julia Street, an extremely adorable child stuck her head out of a van and very cheerily said, “Hi!”

I greeted her back and kept walking, but still she kept sticking half her body out of the van and said “Hi!” again.

That was it. I gave in to the adorable ball of cuteness and asked her to draw what makes her happy. (With the permission of her grandmother, sitting in the driver’s seat.) She happily obliged.

She kept drawing until her mom, Melody, came.

Maryam described her drawing as the arabic letter “A” (she’s half-Egyptian), trees, flowers, and the letters that make up her name.

Thanks, Maryam! Southern friendliness was one of the lovely things I took away from this trip.


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