Would YOU like to be a HappyAgent?

16 Jan

If you’ve already drawn your happiness, or want to spread happiness, then DrawHappy wants you! I drew the poster below inspired by a lot of the submissions this project has received. If you’d like to spread the love and be a HappyAgent, simply print the poster below and tape it in your neighborhood cafe, workplace, apartment building, or any other place that’s allowed. Cut along the dotted lines so people can rip off a piece of it as a reminder when they get home.

Here’s a colored version, though the black and white version is also available for download, so you can color it or personalize it any way you want.

Visit our Downloads page for US letter and A4 sizes.

When you do, take a photo and email it to drawhappyproject@gmail.com with your name and the location you’ve placed it in, and we’ll feature you on the site! Or better yet, approach strangers and ask them to draw their happiness, too! (More on this later.)

Be a HappyAgent, because happiness is contagious!


One Response to “Would YOU like to be a HappyAgent?”

  1. Jessica November 29, 2012 at 5:58 AM #

    I’ve included this in my bucket list for 2013 ..woah! the next awesome year!

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